Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have you...

- registered your Safeway Card thru Escrip?
- registered your Target Red Card?
- checked out the BoxTops website and got your printable coupons?
- tried shopping threw the Marketplace on the BoxTops website?
- Are you aware Periwinkle Utilizes the following programs:
BoxTops, Saving Campbells Soup Labels, eScrip and just how they work?

We are also considering the following items as recycling projects- you can turn these in at any time in the office:

- Old Cell Phones (any kind-)
- Ink Cartridges (any type)
- Capri Suns (squeeze out the juice, take out straw and bundle in groups of 10 please)

All info on this great programs are here on this website. Any comments will be emailed to PTT and we WILL get back to you :) Thanks for your help!!!

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