Monday, February 28, 2011

March 16th Papa's Pizza Family Night Out Fundraiser:

1. Join us for lunch or dinner at Papa's Pizza on March 16th
2. Bring a flyer with you (available in the office and coming home Friday)- Remember- Write your name and number on it
3. 50% of your food purchase will be donated to Periwinkle PTT
4. HERE'S THE BEST PART!!! Your name and number will be entered into a drawing in which we are giving away 3 Oregon Lottery St Patrick's Day Raffle Tickets! THE RAFFLE IS SOLD OUT!!! But you could win a chance at $1,000,000, all while supporting your school!!! Tell your friends bring an extra flyer- and they could win too! Ticket winners notified Thursday by 2pm before the drawing!

Odds of winning/ and Prizes for winning the Raffle:

$1 Million Dollars- 1 winner odds 1 in 250,000
$20,000- 10 winners odds 1-25,000
$100- 1000 winners odds 1- 250

A great way to start out your SPRING BREAK since Wednesday is the last day of school and we hope one of our lucky ticket winners WINS A MILLION DOLLARS :)

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