Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Close of a GREAT year at Periwinkle...

Mom's and Dad's. Hope you have enjoyed all of the activities provided and organized by the PTT this year. Why are we a part of PTT? We do it because we want to help out our childrens school. It is rewarding to know you helped make "that" happen. We want not only fun activities, but we want to raise money to help improve Periwinkle in areas that otherwise money would not be available for.
Please join us June 6th, at 6pm in the Cafeteria for the end of the year meeting. We are still seeking motivated moms and dads that share our goals for Periwinkle to be the leadership for next school year. Its a chance to coordinate fun activities that your kids and family can come and enjoy during the school year!

See you June 6th at 6pm!

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