Saturday, May 12, 2012

Periwinkle PTT BBQ Family Fun Night....

Well, we all survived a fun filled evening!  What an evening it was!  Weather was great and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!  Lots to do, and hey, you may have even won something at the Silent Auction!  All in all, the event netted almost $5000!

These events take alot of planning and hard work from many people.  It takes a TEAM of wonderful volunteers to pull it off.  PTT is a great group of parents who look forward to meeting new parents. If you have never attended a meeting or been involved in helping with our events here is a little of what we strive to be about:

- teamwork
- we are understanding of one another
- supportive of each other
- positive (and if we slip up, we fix it)
- empathetic...putting yourself in ones shoes before you jump to conclusions is just a great way to avoid a misunderstanding
- energized (but lets be real, I think we all have our down days, right?)
- not afraid of challenges because thats what makes us stronger
- and are looking to keep building a great environment for our children to blossom in!

If you helped out in any way, shape or form at this years BBQ or any of our other events this year, we all THANK YOU!  This has been a great year and next year will be even better!

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