Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New faces and new positions at Periwinkle...

PTT would like to welcome Jill Bush as the New Office Manager at Periwinkle this year.  We were sad to see the long time Office Manager Penny Tycer retire last year, but are also excited to welcome Jill into her new position.  Congrats! 

Also, there is a new principal in town at Periwinkle!  We are excited to welcome Bob Daugherty as the incoming principal.  Please visit the school website to learn more about him.  Our students were sad to see Elisa Stephens move onto Clover Ridge last year, but we wish her much success!

The PTT Board has changed a little as well this year.  We are welcoming Donna Luden as the new PTT Secretary.  She is taking over for Cammy Greig.  Erin Cordle is seeking a energetic Co-President if you are interested, please contact her or April Nulman the PTT Volunteer Coordinator.  Thanks!

We would also like to welcome Melissa Johnson, a new first grade teacher this year.  She spent time at Periwinkle last year, and will be here full time this year.  Please make her feel welcome as well!

Periwinkle will welcome a new janitor this year as well.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2012/13 school year

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