Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank for joining us for Family Fun Night and BBQ. It was a great SUCCESS!

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE JUNE 3rd Ice Cream Social/ BBQ Wrap-up:  Not only will you get ice cream, you will be entered to win 4 OMSI tickets AND 4 tickets to John's Incredible Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Must be present to win

We hope you had lots of fun with your family, and hopefully even won something at the Auction or Raffle.  A survey will be coming home so you can give us your opinion of what you liked and any ideas for next year.  Please send those in we value your opinion.

The year is coming to a close. The 2012-13 PTT Board and PTT members has worked VERY hard to provide lots of fun activities for the year for Periwinkle Families to attend.  A couple of new things that happened this year was funding the OMSI assembly (inspired & orchestrated by Dawn Young) for the first time, which was awesome- the kids loved it.  As well as adding Science Night this  year, headed up by Dawn Young- PTT Treasurer.  This was a fun educational evening (which we as parents can all appreciate).  There was also the 2nd annual Art Night organized by Erin Cordle- PTT President which had Periwinkle students art on display, as well as offered Tile painting for families.  This was a lot of fun!

Also, this year, the Family Fun Day added some new games.  Like the "Deck your Favorite Roadrunner" game. Very creative and fun.  We have very creative Periwinkle Families.  A Periwinkle Parent, Eric Kume,  "MADE" the Periwinkle Roadrunner for the "Deck your favorite Roadrunner".  Thank you Kume Family- its awesome!  The Games department was organized by Rachel Nye- PTT Vice President.  I might add, Rachel welcomed a new baby girl shortly before the BBQ, and still managed to run the games area without a hitch! Pretty great!  There are several more that work hard to make PTT what it has become today. 

As you can see there is an incredibly talented group, of team oriented parents.  We believe in supporting one another and making a difference in the school our kids attend.  We encourage you to get involved.  If you don't know how, come to the meeting and we can answer any questions you may have!

If  you have not volunteered much or at all this year, or ever sat in on a PTT Meeting, please consider doing so.  We are in need of a few positions to be filled for next year, as well as in need of more parent volunteers.  There is a small handful of Periwinkle Parents volunteering currently and most of which have had to be involved in most all PTT activities for lack of other Parent Volunteers.  We cannot tell you how important it is that new parents continue to get involved to keep PTT strong and growing.  If this does not happen, and we do not have enough parent volunteers, PTT will need to scale back the amount of events we offer. 

Please consider finding what works for you and GET INVOLVED.  There is a wonderful group of us who take pride in working together and demonstrating what TEAMWORK can do!!

Hope to see you at the June 3rd Meeting (630pm)  Remember you might just win a package worth $92.00!!!!!

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