Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't forget Entertainment Book "Turn-In" Day is This Thursday!!!

Please bring in all orders into the Cafeteria before school. Prizes will be given out then. Orders will go home that afternoon. **Please note for large orders: You may want to consider pick up your student after school as these books can get heavy.
- Some students have told parents the books are not the "Real" books. Yes these are the real books :)
- If you are not interested in selling or buying the book, no problem. Simply return it to the school by Thursday
- Once all orders are tallied (online orders/ out of town orders and personal orders) We will announce students who have sold over 5 books and they will be entered into a drawing. We will draw out 3 names for two $25 gift certificates and one gift basket.

Thanks I hope this answers any of your questions- Thanks so much for your participation and supporting the PTT and Periwinkle!!!

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