Thursday, October 13, 2011

Totals for Entertainment Books sold to date...

So far, our amazing students (and families of Periwinkle students) have sold a total of 335 Entertainment Books! GREAT JOB. Our goal was a minimum of 200 books to sell and this really exceeds our goal. Online orders have not been added to this yet and there are some last minute orders still flowing in. Can't wait to see the final numbers!
Thank you so much to several parents who volunteered their time to assist with filling orders, handing out prizes and helping make this fundraiser a success!!! Periwinkle PTT certainly appreciates your support and looks forward to contributing to Periwinkle in great ways!

Next week, we will do a drawing for those students that sold over 5 books on Tuesday morning. The prizes will be a gift basket as well as 2 winners of a $25 gift certificate. We had many motivated students selling books so GREAT JOB AND GOOD LUCK!

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