Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Movie Night is Friday & here are the Entertainment Book Fundraiser Results...

We have sold 147 Books to date (Profit of $1323 so far).  There is still a short list of students who have not returned their book or payment for their book yet.  Please either send in payment and you may keep your book, or send the book back unpaid for.  We appreciate everyones efforts in this fundraiser.  Prizes for sold books will be coming at the end of the month.  Returned book prizes are being brought into the classroom boxes.  31 students (those selling 2+ books) will be invited to a fun BINGO game at the end of a school day coming up soon.  Mrs Filley and Mrs Kohler are the top 2 classes and won a class party.  Congrats!

***Just a reminder if you purchased the 2012 Entertainment Book last year, most of those coupons will be expiring Nov 1st-  Dont forget to use me before you lose em!

*  Wacky Bounce- BOGO free
* Bo-Macks downtown one meal free (we tried this place for the first time in Aug- YUM!)
* $7 off Albertsons 10-1 thru 10-31
* Two Coupons 10% off your entire grocery purchase Nov and Dec
* Coldstone deals
* LOTS of online shopping discounts

Dont miss out on these and lots more!

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