Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Families In Need BINGO is coming up DEC 7...

Sure could use some help!  Maybe you usually just come and enjoy the evening, win some prizes and head home.  Families in need BINGO is just that, most of the money made that evening, goes back to help the "families in need" in OUR school.  PTT is usually able to help out 40-50 families in our school each holiday seasaon. 

We enjoy putting this event on each year, however it does take a lot to make this night happen, and we are unfortunately (although we love each of them) seeing the same faces putting in the work to make this happen).  We want to see some new faces, meet some new parents.  I know theres a TON of great moms and dads out there that probably just dont know where to "get" involved.   Your kids will really love to see you get in there, sell tickets, sit at the Raffle Prize Table, come to the school for 20 min on a couple mornings to help count tickets or assist with the Penny Drive. You can help when it works out in your schedule.  We are a fun group of parents who really support one another.  We do what we do because we love making a difference for our kids at their school.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Please contact April Nulman at  You can leave us a comment on here and someone will be contact with you soon.  Thanks for the consideration.  Your kids grow up so fast, enjoy the grade school years when they still "want" to hang out with mom and dad :)

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